What Are We Gonna Do?

>> Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What we should do after being treated like this? Last Friday, some of us has lodged reports to Labor Department, Wisma Consplant, Subang Jaya. Although it's understandable that each one of us have our own matters, please be more pro-active to fight for our right.

During a lengthy discussion with an officer from the department, he suggested that we hire a lawyer to fight for our case in the court. I strongly back his suggestion because we know nothing about the law. Remember that day? We just simply signed the letter without knowing what it meant. We must bear in mind that Sri Lingham is a man full of tricks. Anybody knows the story how he pulled his tricks so that the company didn't has to pay its suppliers? In the turbine vendor's case, Agni was not willing to pay for its services because it alleged the vendor for being late, thus against the agreement.

Has anybody heard about how a mat rempit filed a lawsuit against PDRM for wrongfully detaining him after a road block? His lawyer present the arguments on how the policemen wrongly handled the road block, e.g. not putting the required cones, not wearing the uniform, less than 3 required policemen, etc. The mat rempit won. This proves that our law has many loopholes which are realized by Sri Lingham and his team of lawyers. Why did he asked our HOD to sign the retrenchment letters although all this while he's the one who signed the employment, confirmation, and wage increment letter?

I realize that we must be fully prepared if we wanna go against him. The Labor Department officer himself admitted that his scope of power is limited. When I asked him,"What will happen if the company suddenly change its name? Will this report still valid?", he answered,"I don't know". Another question, "What if the company suddenly declared bankrupt?". The answer is the same..

The government bureaucracy is very troubling. Our report will be submitted to Officer A who will then submit it to Officer B and the process will take months, if not years. If we hire a lawyer, I believe that this process will be cut short because the lawyer should know the jurisdiction. He will refer to his books of laws, records of previous cases, and any other relevant documents. That's how a lawyer works. And that's the reason the Perak crisis is still on-going.

How about the cost? Usually, in the case like this, the lawyer will be paid of 10-20% of the collective demands. I know we all want 100% of our rights, so I wanna propose that we make an agreement with the legal firm that if we win the suit, the lawyer cost will be paid by Agni, not us. If we lose, we'll not pay a single cent to them. I think our collective demand is around hundreds of thousand, and it's a big money for the legal firm. The lawyers are smart, and they will study our case thoroughly. If they think we can win, they will fight tooth and nail for the case, and if not, they will tell us sincerely.

Let's wait for 12.07.2009, because our ex-employer are required to pay us back by that time. If not, let's meet and discuss.


AgniJerutPerut July 16, 2009 at 2:40 AM  

16 July oredi!
i wan my GAJI!!!!

Anonymous July 17, 2009 at 10:36 AM  

Friend of mine, the previous HRM, a very well known snr hr manager in hr circles walked out of his job last november, he said that they do not know how to run a company properly

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