WANTED : Sri Mohana Lingham

>> Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sri Mohana Lingham or also known as Dr Sri Lingham is the former CEO of Agni Inc. He is more evil & inhuman than capitalist. Until today, he is still doing his evil manipulative plan in other places. Only God knows where this sinner is hiding.

  • Terminated all of his employees without valid reasons, salaries and any compensations.
  • Cheated his clients & suppliers.
  • Gave a lot of misleading / false statement to the media.
  • The list goes on......



The destruction of Agni Energie

>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

We have been fighting for our rights since 12th June 2009

Finally, the so-called renewable & alternate energy super power in the world, Agni Energie (subsidiary of Agni Inc) closed down. Dr Sri Lingham, families & friends have ran away. All remaining loyal staffs (including Agni Energie's Legal Representative) were also retrenched without any termination letter.

A 3rd party has took over the company.

We are still in the midst of getting our salaries & claims. Sob sob sob...


Agni Inc : Gave their workers a bounce pay cheque

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Agni clumsy management had promised that all of the pay cheque for our salaries and other claims will be posted to us on 12th July 2009 (Sunday - see how clumsy they had pick up this date). Finally, the day had come. Some retrenched workers got their pay-cheque on the 11th, while others, received on the 13th and 16th. Sadly, there were some cases where the pay cheques did not arrived at their post box! (see, it is risky when Agni clumsy management tend to sent our cheques via AR register, because AGNI ENERGIE (AGNI INC) is the MOST EVIL EMPLOYER in Malaysia - currently, also in U.S and Europe).

Well, we thought - after all of us had received our pay cheques, we could wrap-up our blog and stop thinking about AGNI. But the story got worsen, because....


The local bank had freeze Agni Energie Malaysia accounts. We cannot encash the cheques. The local bank had maintained a post indicator - 'No transaction' for Agni Energie Malaysia accounts.

During a discussion between Agni's Legal Representative with a group of Agni's ex-worker at Labour Office, a 3rd party had freeze all Agni clumsy management accounts due to legal reasons. We cannot disclose the reasons yet due to the fact was not clearly stated to us. The Directors even did not inform their own Legal Representative on that matter.... "Dr Sri Lingham, Families and Friends are running away?"

Now, all of us are relaying on the Labour Office to liaise with the 3rd party and Agni clumsy management.

However, Dr Sri Lingham, families and friends once again playing 'hide and seek' with all of us - as they had close the office & factory until further notice since 13th July 2009. The question arise,
until when?

"Where are you running and hiding Dr Sri Lingham?"

"Shame on you!"

"You can run and hide, but GOD will punish you, your famillies and friends."

"Dud wH E re s my sa la ly ?"

"have 2 eat rock and salt eh?"


Agni Energie : A Conspiracy Theory?

>> Friday, July 10, 2009

This is just a theory based on true fact. Remember that day when Agni Management terminated all of the us? Yes, that legal guy from Singapore Agni Office (he is second man to Ramani) told us the reason that the management were not paying us our 2 month salaries and compensation was due to short of fund.
Guest what?

Anti-Agni team had found out that the outstanding balance of Agni Energie current account in a local bank as at 26th June 2009 was 6 digit... almost reached 1 million Malaysian Ringgit. (we cannot give the exact figure because it is private & confidential). Therefore, Agni Energie (subsidairy of Agni Inc) had lie to us. Dr Sri Lingham had LIE us like we were stupid!!! The management, Dr Sri Lingham, Families and Friends were so selfish and never care about us. We had work hard for them!! They treat us like slaves and some might say, like a pieces of garbages.

Why? Why? Why?

Dr Sri Lingham want to see us suffer?

Dr Sri Lingham want to show off his power?

We had to fight for our right. Government Labour Office did not gave the support that we need. It is time to go further to lodge complaint MTUC and Industrial Relation (take note that we can only lodge complaint within 60 days after termination/retrenchment). We have to act fast.

The Subang Jaya Labour Office


Agni energie misleading information in Jobstreet.com

>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

Agni Energie

Renewable and alternative energy technology developer; Subsidiary of Agni Incorporated; Employs 145 people world wide.
Company Name :
Agni Energie
Industry :
Manufacturing / Production
Type of Company :
Private Limited Company, Local Based Company
Location :
No.16, Lorong Keluli 1B Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Raja, Section 7 Shah Alam 40000
*The company prefers to receive online application for speedier processing.
Company Fax :
Incorporated in 1988. Malaysian operation commenced in 2002. Approximately 100 to 110 staff in Malaysia, with over 45 Engineers and Scientists;

Product and Services
Renewable and Alternative Power Generation Equipment, Plant and Machinery.

Malaysian Operation - Revenue of $40m for FY 2007; NEVER!

Culture and Values
Agni is a autonomous technology manufacturing and R&D company with offices in Barcelona, Delaware, Connecticut, Kuala Lumpur, Lisbon, London, Singapore. BIG LIE!

Upper Quartile Salary, Performance Bonus; Shares; Stock Options; Medical Insurance; Travel; Opportunity to pursue fully funded Ph.D. research program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. WHAT THE HELL?

Other Information
High Growth Sector.



Super Mega Termination Event - 12th June 2009


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