Agni Energie : A Conspiracy Theory?

>> Friday, July 10, 2009

This is just a theory based on true fact. Remember that day when Agni Management terminated all of the us? Yes, that legal guy from Singapore Agni Office (he is second man to Ramani) told us the reason that the management were not paying us our 2 month salaries and compensation was due to short of fund.
Guest what?

Anti-Agni team had found out that the outstanding balance of Agni Energie current account in a local bank as at 26th June 2009 was 6 digit... almost reached 1 million Malaysian Ringgit. (we cannot give the exact figure because it is private & confidential). Therefore, Agni Energie (subsidairy of Agni Inc) had lie to us. Dr Sri Lingham had LIE us like we were stupid!!! The management, Dr Sri Lingham, Families and Friends were so selfish and never care about us. We had work hard for them!! They treat us like slaves and some might say, like a pieces of garbages.

Why? Why? Why?

Dr Sri Lingham want to see us suffer?

Dr Sri Lingham want to show off his power?

We had to fight for our right. Government Labour Office did not gave the support that we need. It is time to go further to lodge complaint MTUC and Industrial Relation (take note that we can only lodge complaint within 60 days after termination/retrenchment). We have to act fast.

The Subang Jaya Labour Office


FdausAmad July 11, 2009 at 8:30 PM  

Gua nak ajak lu dtg makan kenduri kat blog gua.Folo basuh pinggan skali pun takpa..

Super Mega Termination Event - 12th June 2009


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