100 Engineers Lose Jobs Overnight

>> Friday, June 19, 2009

It was supposed to be an usual working day for around 100 engineers at Agni Energie Sdn Bhd Shah Alam but their day turned into nightmares when all of them suddenly lost their jobs upon receiving termination letters without notices.

An employee who requested anonymity told Malaysiakini that he was shocked to learn that all the employees were given termination letters with the reason that the company was not going to continue.

“We all came in to work as normal this morning. Suddenly, one of the directors said they were going to terminate everybody. They even gave us the termination letters,” he said, adding that he refused to accept it.

The employee, who has been working in the advanced energy technology company for the past seven months, said there was no problem with the company before this except it being inconsistent with the salary payments.

“Throughout my employment there, there has been no problem. Except last month, they said they didn’t have the money to pay us. They said they would only give it to us this month,” said the employee.

Reports lodged at Labour Office

However, he said that now with the termination of their jobs, they would only be given their backdated salaries next month.

“But they did not even tell us how much they are going to pay us,” said the employee.

The employee said many of his colleagues are lodging reports against the company at the Labour Office in Sepang and are still awaiting the outcome.

Agni Energie Sdn Bhd is a specialist in high efficiency, performance and environmentally-friendly power generation technology including fuel cell technology, fuel processing technology, cogeneration technology and solar thermal energy generation technology.

However, its managing director, PV Lingam, said the shutdown was only temporary due to “restructuring work”.

“There is no such thing as the employees being terminated. We are just going through some process of restructuring, that is all,” he said.

The doors are tightly shut at the factory

He also said that the employees were given notices before the restructuring work took place.

“Yes, they have been told... I think you better check with the board of directors to get better clarification,” he said, before cutting the interview short.

The chief executive director, Dr Sri Lingam, however, could not be contacted to clarify the matter.

A check with the company however indicated that no “restructuring work” is taking place as of now because the doors are tightly shut.

“No, there is no restructuring work going on whatsoever,” claimed the employee.

The company’s main office used to be located in Section 15, Shah Alam but has moved to Section 7 eight months ago.

According to its website, it has branches in Singapore, London, Lisbon and Barcelona. It also said it has won a renewable energy plant contract in Sarawak on Feb 3 this year.

from http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/106415


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