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>> Friday, June 19, 2009


Let me answer the allegations by the CEO.

1. Termination notice
When we arrived to work in the morning, we were not allowed to enter the office. I really have no idea on what was going on until I spoke 2 several maintenance technicians. They told me that they heard a rumor that a retrenchment list was prepared the night before. There is no earlier notice issued by the company.

2. Present Economic Climate
The CEO is well-known as a leader who always made hasty and stupid decisions. For instance, he did not allow the Portuguese engineers to liaise with us directly. All e-mails must go through him first. One silly mistake he has done was not forwarding an inquiry e-mail from the Portuguese engineer to us and just decide on the matter he knows not. The result? (10 helper x 50 euro) + (3 welder x 75 euro) x 7 days equal to 5075 euro or RM20300 loss by assuming that 1 euro is equal to RM4. Just one e-mail has caused such a big loss. We really understand that the economic climate is very challenging. But on times like these, what all companies should do is determine what is important n what is not. In Agni's case, it should decide whether to bid for 40 projects or focus on Resulima n Triang. It also should decide whether to continue the stupid PEDDS project or halt it. The company must realize its capabilities. Frankly speaking, there is only 1 decision maker in Agni, namely Sri Lingham.

3. Excess Resources

Every Agnian knows that the name below is the excess resources which have halted Agni's growth,

a. Malar Lingham aka Madam, Board of Director (it's rumored that she's 85 this year)
An ego old lady who likes peoples begging her for their money. She is very careful with company finance, that's why every month we had to queue outside her room to collect our cheques. CHEQUES??! WTF??? Her reason using cheques as method of payment is that the company can save up to (RM2 x 200) - (RM0.50 x 200) equaling RM300/month, compared to much more easier way, that is by banking-in the salaries into our accounts. Eh Madam, I have told u already, ur stupid way of saving company's money is not gonna work because ur son keep doing the stupid decisions.

b. PV Lingham aka Andy Lingham Board of Director (someone told me that he's a year younger than his wife)
Not much to say about him, but please la, if u r 80 n above, stay at home, play with ur grandchildren, pray a lot to God, etc.

c. Mahesan HOD of Civil Engineering Dept. (somebody told me that he's a Sri Lankan)
Madam told us that he was involved in LRT rail construction, don't know whether to believe it or not, because his subordinate told me that he don't even know how to calculate the concrete capacity. He's very unprofessional and hotheaded (based on my experience liaising with him).

d. Thavarajah, HOD of Legal n Compliance Dept. (60++ I think)
I heard before joining Agni, he works in a Legal firm (I'm not too sure). His daily schedule:
i. Arrive at the office
ii. Switch on the PC, checking e-mails
iii. Drink coffee
iv. Read newspaper
v. Meet his subordinates
vi. Talk 2 Mahesan about SLIPPER issue (1 hour)
vii. Lunch time
viii. Lying to somebody
ix. Another round of SLIPPER discussion with Mahesan (2 hour)
x. Go back home with full of satisfaction..


e. Ratnasingam, HOD of Chemical Engineering Dept. (80++)
Hurm...he's a nice person, but too old. We really worry if he suddenly fell and die on the scene.

f. Michael J, Project Director (50++)
He's a real stupid bastard. Anyone here working as Piping Engineer? You must know that after we receive the PID from Chemical Dept, we should check the pipe size, pipe thickness, pipe material,pipe routing, pressure loss, pump sizing, availability, WPS, pipe support calculation, etc. He expect us to complete a design in 3 days! WTF? That's why, I laughed when u present ur so-called design timeline because u don't even know how to read PIDs, and suddenly u urge us to follow ur ridiculous timeframe. FYI, previously he worked at Infineon Batam, and I don't know whether he has ever been in power generation project before, but in my opinion, he knows nothing except reporting to boss on who smoke 4 times a day, who's not at their place at certain time. He smoke 2 big packs of Dunhill a day, and still accuse us of curi tulang.


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nice post!

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