WANTED : Mr C Thavarajah

>> Monday, September 28, 2009

  • Thavarajah is the former Director of Compliance in Agni-Inc. He is the father-in-law of Sri Mohana Lingham. Father of Anusha Thavarajah (she is Sri Mohana Lingham's wife and the CFO of one the biggest insurance company in Malaysia) .
  • He claimed that he have the experience of leading a lot of Fraud Investigation in finance, banking & stockbroking companies. He also proudly claimed that he had declined an offer to become a CEO in a well-known Stockbroking in Malaysia.
  • Interrupted his sub-ordinate - Internal Auditors practicing their authorities. As directed by him and his son-in-law, any findings on Sri Mohana Lingham, Madam, P.V Lingham, families and friends were to be drop. Sri Mohana Lingham, families and friends were immune from any findings report of Auditors.
  • 3 Question to Thavarajah
  1. Where is the authority of independent checking for auditors?
  2. Where is the so-called audit comittee?

  • Known for his phrases, "My whole life is a top-secret, I keep all of company's secret to my grave." But, to us.... "His whole life is a FRAUD, you keep all of company's FRAUD to your grave!"


Quoted from H@cker's The Answers
I heard before joining Agni, he works in a Legal firm (I'm not too sure). His daily schedule:
i. Arrive at the office
ii. Switch on the PC, checking e-mails
iii. Drink coffee
iv. Read newspaper
v. Meet his subordinates
vi. Talk 2 Mahesan about SLIPPER issue (1 hour)
vii. Lunch time
viii. Lying to somebody
ix. Another round of SLIPPER discussion with Mahesan (2 hour)
x. Go back home with full of satisfaction..



Warning from a supplier on Agni Gencell, USA

>> Thursday, September 24, 2009

Agni-Gencell Do not do business with them! 203-264-2515 +6562923122
September 14, 2009

If you are finding this posting then you probably also were scammed by Agni Gencell. We design and build automation machinery here in Ct. We had a purchase order for a very large automation machine to build for them. The PO and down payment were issued, and we began work on it. As we continued our Progress on the machine, Peter Allen, the son of Gencell’s founder, Jeff Allen, told us the company had a potential buyer. There was a Malaysian company named Agni that would be buying them. At this point Gencell was already about 2 months late on their payment. gencell said once the acquisition was complete by Agni, they would pay the late payment, and then we could resume working on their automation system. Well needless to say this dragged on for months. Peter Allen ended up quitting Gencell leaving just his Daughter in law, Joan Allen. She was also full of empty promises about making the payments. We ended up calling our lawyer which basically said “Get in Line, they owe everybody”

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT do any work for Agni Gencell, or even invest in their company. It is all a scam. Stay away, and save your money...........

Taken from http://packardinc.wordpress.com/2009/09/14/agni-gencell-do-not-do-business-with-them-203-264-2515-6562923122/


Super Mega Termination Event - 12th June 2009


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