WANTED : Mr C Thavarajah

>> Monday, September 28, 2009

  • Thavarajah is the former Director of Compliance in Agni-Inc. He is the father-in-law of Sri Mohana Lingham. Father of Anusha Thavarajah (she is Sri Mohana Lingham's wife and the CFO of one the biggest insurance company in Malaysia) .
  • He claimed that he have the experience of leading a lot of Fraud Investigation in finance, banking & stockbroking companies. He also proudly claimed that he had declined an offer to become a CEO in a well-known Stockbroking in Malaysia.
  • Interrupted his sub-ordinate - Internal Auditors practicing their authorities. As directed by him and his son-in-law, any findings on Sri Mohana Lingham, Madam, P.V Lingham, families and friends were to be drop. Sri Mohana Lingham, families and friends were immune from any findings report of Auditors.
  • 3 Question to Thavarajah
  1. Where is the authority of independent checking for auditors?
  2. Where is the so-called audit comittee?

  • Known for his phrases, "My whole life is a top-secret, I keep all of company's secret to my grave." But, to us.... "His whole life is a FRAUD, you keep all of company's FRAUD to your grave!"


Quoted from H@cker's The Answers
I heard before joining Agni, he works in a Legal firm (I'm not too sure). His daily schedule:
i. Arrive at the office
ii. Switch on the PC, checking e-mails
iii. Drink coffee
iv. Read newspaper
v. Meet his subordinates
vi. Talk 2 Mahesan about SLIPPER issue (1 hour)
vii. Lunch time
viii. Lying to somebody
ix. Another round of SLIPPER discussion with Mahesan (2 hour)
x. Go back home with full of satisfaction..



Anand September 29, 2009 at 9:19 PM  

They know how to talk Cock, shout, etc, yet can also fall. We will find them and get back our rights. My dear Nepal friend Charan went with MrManiam to the old office yesterday to take thier (Nepal) barang as they are going back home tommorow. Anyway I am happy for them. I wish every1 good luck and time heals every wound. Peace. Sigh!!!!! Anand.

anti-agni September 29, 2009 at 11:23 PM  

yeah... long live the king!

Anonymous November 6, 2009 at 2:17 PM  

Bahasa Malaysia :

Syarikat Internasional K dengan kerjasama Parti MacroChan akan menganjurkan satu kempen jomheboh mengenai isu hangat dalam negara di sini malam ini.
Pengacara yang dijangkakan hadir adalah, mr.stanza, ah long, mr.oompa-loompa dan beberapa pimpinan tertinggi Edwin San juan tersebut.
Antara program objektif kali ini adalah mengenai isu identity dan pencarian makna malaysia

Kempen Program ini adalah yang pertama sepertinya di Malaysia. Jangan lepaskan peluang anda untuk menjadi mangsa! terutamanya dikalangan muda-mudi yang dilahirkan selepas kemerdekaan

- Program ini adalah 100% PERCUMA
- Anda hanya perlu mendaftar sebagai ahli secara PERCUMA!
- 100% tiada risiko kerana anda tidak memerlukan modal!

antara jadual kemuncak dalam kempen ini adalah

10:00 pagi : ucapan pertahankan Hak Melayu

11:00 pagi : pengenalan ciri-ciri pertahanan hak istimewa ini

11:30 pagi : penggunaan keris yang bertauliah keatas kaum Cina dan India

12:00 petang : acara lumba lari 100 meter sambil menendang burit kaum cina dan india

12:30 petang : upacara pengorbanan anak gadis dara kaum cina dan india kepada tuhan

1:00 petang : jamuan teh dan makan tengahari

2:00 petang : menyanyi lagu Rasa Sayang Bumiputera

2:10 petang : persembahan pentas kuasa-kuasa Melayu menangani jajahan cina dan india

2:45 petang : mempelajari kaedah mengeluarkan darah kaum cina dan india

3:00 petang : lelong daging kaum cina dan india

5:00 petang : majlis tamat

Percuma Hadiah-hadiah Menarik!

- menjana pendapatan rasuah
- membendung peningkatan kos sara hidup
- 500ml minyak jampi hak melayu
- tangkal semangat hak melayu
- diskaun kupon untuk restaurant ala melayu
- kupon rawatan percuma oleh bomoh
- keris bersalut emas untuk pertahanan
- dan banyak lagi!

Semua dijemput datang! untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi :

Jabatan hak istimewa
Jalan Dataran Merdeka
512345, Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-000123456
Laman Web : www.lowyatkopitiam.blogspot.com

English :

Internasional K Corporation and Party MacroChan will organize a jomheboh campaign about latest issues in this country tonight. Expected host and appearing guest will be mr. stanza, ah long, mr.oompa-loompa
and few high ranked leaders of Edwin San juan. The main objective of thi campaign is about identity search and meaning of malaysia. This is the first campaign ever held in Malaysia. Dont miss the opportunity to
become victims! Especially among the young people and new generation that were born after Independence.

- This campaign in 100% Free
- Participants only need to register as member for Free!
- 100% Risk Free because you do not need a capital!

the highlights events of the campaign would be the following :

10:00 am : Speech of Malay's special right

11:00 am : characteristic of this special right

11:30 am : Certified usage of keris towards Chinese and Indian

12:00 pm : 100 meter sprint race while kicking the butt of chinese and indian

12:30 pm : chinese and indian's virgin girl sacrifice ceremony to god

1:00 pm : lunch and tea break

2:00 pm : singing "Rasa Sayang Bumiputera" song

2:10 pm : stage performance about Powers of Malays defeating the conquer of chinese and indian

2:45 pm : learning the method to extract blood from chinese and indian

3:00 pm : chinese and indian's meat Auction

5:00 pm : The End

Free and Interesting Gift!

- generate income of corruption
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- gold plated keris for defence
- and many more!

Everyone's invited! for further information please contact :

Department of special right
Jalan Dataran Merdeka
512345, Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-000123456
Website : www.lowyatkopitiam.blogspot.com

Super Mega Termination Event - 12th June 2009


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