WANTED : PV Lingham (a.k.a Andy Lingham)

>> Friday, August 28, 2009

  • PV Lingham, also known as Ir. Andy Lingham is the former Managing Director of Agni Energie (Agni Inc Malaysia).
  • He is the father of Sri Mohana Lingham (Dr Sri Lingham) and husband to Malar Lingham.
  • PV Lingham together with his Sri Lankan wife, Malar Lingham and his son, Sri Mohana Lingham seems to be more powerful than the Board Director of Agni Inc. (father, mother, & son)
  • Due to this unprofessional practice, Agni Inc and its subsidiaries have a lack of corporate governance.
  • Lot of emotional decisions were made by the trio instead of rational & strategic decisions.

Quoted from H@cker's The Answers

Someone told me that he's a year younger than his wife.
Not much to say about him, but please la, if u r 80 n above, stay at home, play with ur grandchildren, pray a lot to God, etc.


AGNI INC is on fire but the 'Fat Chicken' is hiding

>> Friday, August 21, 2009

Agni placed under receivership
Move follows default on 15m euro loan


Published August 17, 2009

RECEIVERS and managers (R&M) have been appointed for Singapore-based alternative renewal energy firm Agni Inc and its fully- owned Malaysian subsidiary Agni Energie following the former's default on a loan.

KPMG was appointed the R&M for both the companies after Agni defaulted on a loan of 15 million euros (S$30.9 million) from UK-based Bond Capital Partners (BCP). KPMG Singapore is the R&M for Agni Inc and KPMG Malaysia, for Agni Energie, an Agni creditor told BT.

Worrying signs that the family-owned business was in trouble emerged in June when Agni Energie abruptly laid off staff at its 100,000 square foot factory in Shah Alam, Selangor.

According to news reports, some 100 employees were given short notice of termination. The plant has since been closed.

Staff at Agni's Singapore office could not be reached and BT is given to understand that following the termination of the lease, the company had moved out.

BCP's corporate website states that it helps provide late-stage structured finance investments in mid-market enterprises that are planning a realisation event within 36 months, either through a listing, trade sale or recapitalisation. It lists Agni as one of its portfolio companies.

Whether the company's financials were affected because of the financial maelstrom is unclear, but in November Agni still claimed an order book in excess of RM600 million (S$246.2 million) in its media releases. (BIG LIE!) Attempts to contact its Malaysian chief executive Sri Mohanalingham proved unsuccessful. (FAT CHICKEN IS HIDING!)

An electrical engineer with 12 years experience as a banker, Mr Mohanalingham had planned to raise financing in January by the issue of Islamic debt papers for expansion purposes.

In an interview with a local newspaper, he said that Agni was targeting to raise some RM900-plus million in two tranches, but would test the market appetite with an initial RM255 million.

He had expressed confidence in the take-up, perhaps banking on Agni's niche as a designer and manufacturer of renewal energy technology to find takers.

The launch of the second tranche of RM600 million was planned for the second or third quarter.

An Agni supplier who has been unpaid for more than six months told BT the company had informed him that he would be paid once the bond issue was completed. (LYING TO SUPPLIERS!)

KPMG has since told him his chances of being paid are 'bleak' because he is an unsecured creditor.

Agni Inc had also proposed a reverse takeover of listed Netelusion at the end of last year in a deal worth US$236 million. However, the proposal, which was to see Agni injected into Netelusion in return for new shares in the loss-making online gaming firm, has since lapsed.

How Agni's operations in Portugal, Spain, the UK and US are faring remain unclear. According to reports, the company acquired US-based GenCell Corp - a molten-carbonate fuel cell developer and manufacturer - in January to complement its business.

Agni Energie appeared to be gaining business, in November announcing the construction of Malaysia's first biomass-to-energy plant. The 10MW plant was to be sited in Bera, Pahang, and would use empty palm oil bunches as feedstock.

Earlier this year, it said that it had been awarded the engineering procurement and commission turnkey contract by a local company to build a 12MW plant in Sarawak.

from:- http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/sub/news/story/0,4574,346280,00.html?


Bring it on - Sri Mohana Lingham!

>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The following are the collection of messages from ex-staff of Agni Energie(Agni Inc Malaysia) to Sri Mohana Lingham (a.k.a Dr Sri Lingham). Please take note that all names were changed to safe guard the interest of the respective individuals;

Barrack Obama (7/15/09) said:-

We are so stupid to trust this fu!!!!!g agni . Now we have take back the cheque and do complain or what!!!!!!!!! I dont know what to say to you guys.....including was stun..this morning. the way agni dis to all of us...... Just wait and seee.

John Trovolta (Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 4:04 PM) said:-

...tis people are conman...actually they never did any project till finish since 2003, and they been surviving by using grant from diff country. This is true enough, as confirm by one of the staff!!. NO datuk will buy this shit company especially when they borrow bon from Singapore for 100 million Sing dollar. Even if they sell the company and the equipment inside wont get 20-30 million. Do what ever you all thin its necessary. ANYBODY GOT DR>SRI ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!??????

Freddy Mercury (Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 1:10) said:-

3rd party personnel finding DR SRI LINGAM the fat chicken to resolve this matter, but they alwiz fail to caught hold of that liar!!!!!! He is alwiz running here and there!

Micheal Jackson
(Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 9:53 PM) said:-

We employees have suffered few months without pay, not to mention majority of us now still jobless today. We depend on our pay to survive, not like those investor which are just making loses and not at critical stage yet.

Faizal Tahir (Wednesday, July 22, 2009, 8:14 AM) said:-

..Dr.Sri-yg nih lagi la kuat pusing, knape tetibe bole nak fight untuk kite plak...klau die btol2 nak tolong kite, patutnye awal2 lagi die tunjuk..sblom ni bukannye baru sehari kite keje ngan Agni...byk sgt game yg diorang buat...

Samy Vellu (Rabu, 22 Julai, 2009, 10:43 PM) said:-

Agni knew from start about this frozen account and that's why Sri & co taken the server, accounts detail, list of employees, and cleared the so called library and also his room became paperless in that week wheheby he gave the remaining Agni staffs 1 week so called AL.

Jackie Chan (Thu, 23 Jul 2009 15:44:07) said:-

We can't fight with them. So what we can do is find the people who is familiar to the law and get back our money. We r not beggar.

Shah Rukh Khan (Sat, 25 Jul 2009 07:44:45) said:-

Shit Happens lah! I should have listen to few of our old friends (Ganesan Marimuthu, KPD, Ikram, Mr. Sashi and other quite~lucky staffs) to get the HELL out of that blood~sucking~HOLE much earlier when I could. I sincerely believe in "Work Is Worship" and I put all my energie at work, yet we got f**kin shit and asked to leave empty handed. I know every1 is f**kin pissed, but face the truth (also agreed by some1 else) ~ that Sri sucks B*bie's you nkow. So, they are giving us a run around. Get it!. Ofkos I dont wanna give up on my RIGHTS!!!!!. Like R said, we have to move foward + get a job + 2 if neccessary + keep an eye on this matter. When I first joined this shit, I respected every1, my boss Nirmala is de best boss I ever had, IT coliks++, I even respected the SRI family, until I knew their dark trades from Tan Sri Maniam. I still showed respect to them as all living beings (G.O.D's Creto), but will never forget this injustice. I just wish that every1 will get back their RIGHTS and dignity and move on. Cursing and swearing will only dig our graves deeper.

We r still waitin' 4 any response from Sri Mohana Lingham, families and friends. Please refer to :- The Challenge


The Challenge

>> Friday, August 14, 2009

I know Linghams and co. realized the existence of this blog. Nirmala has get into our shoutbox, making some noise, trying to defend themselves. To be fair, I would like to invite anyone of them, be it Sri Lingham, Nirmala, Madam, MJ, or even Maniam to defend themselves against our accusations.

Maybe Madam wants to tell us that the reason our salary been paid by cheques is because other companies have never thought of that 'innovative ' method. Or maybe MJ really thinks that a pipeline design can be made before GA is finalized. Don't ask me what GA is.

Sri, you can contact us at agnienergieevil(a)gmail.com. Or maybe you will be very happy to explain yourself to us, face-by-face. I'm waiting for your reply. Don't you want to hit me after all these writings about your stupidity? I really expect some good answers, matching your Ph.D. Please teach me some lessons on how to manage a business, because I'm thinking of starting a small business in my spare time. I'll publish all your answers, without prejudice.

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  • She is the former Director of Administration for Agni Energie.
  • Also known as MADAM or Mrs APV Lingham. She is the mother of Mohana Lingham & wife of Ir. Andy Lingham.
  • Always delayed in giving our pay cheques.
  • Acting like a nice spiritual woman. But actually, she is a stingy and inhuman grumpy orthodox old grandma.
  • Always miscalculated our salaries.
  • Making lot of emotional decisions that burden the company's operation, finance and staff welfare.
  • The list goes on......

Quoted from H@cker's The Answers

Malar Lingham aka Madam, Board of Director (it's rumored that she's 85 this year)An ego old lady who likes peoples begging her for their money. She is very careful with company finance, that's why every month we had to queue outside her room to collect our cheques. CHEQUES??! WTF??? Her reason using cheques as method of payment is that the company can save up to (RM2 x 200) - (RM0.50 x 200) equaling RM300/month, compared to much more easier way, that is by banking-in the salaries into our accounts. Eh Madam, I have told u already, ur stupid way of saving company's money is not gonna work because ur son keep doing the stupid decisions.


Dear Madam

>> Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear beloved madam,

How's life? I really wish you, your husband, your sons and daughter, together with their spouses and children are in good health. I heard you fell and injured yourself several days after the termination event. Is it true? If so, please ensure your Indonesian maid and former Agni's general worker treat you nicely. If not, ask Sri to wallop them like he did to several workers a couple of years back.


Our sweet memories together are still fresh in my mind. Do you remember that day? The day when I just have RM5 in my pocket to have my lunch? A day earlier you have given away some of our cheques, but I'm one of the unfortunates as you got headache dealing something which should be Finance Department responsibility. The next day, I really hoped that the remainder of us will get our cheques by lunch hour, so we can deposit it that time and I will not have to borrow money from my friends to eat that night. Can you ever imagine how I feel when somebody told me you are not willing to hand out the cheques until 5 o'clock? Upon hearing this, I knocked your door to beg for the cheque saying, "Madam, I only got Rm5, how am I going to eat?". Your reply was spontaneous, "I'll give you another RM5, but tomorrow you must repay me". OMG! You are so rich, live in big house complete with maids, driven everywhere in your big car, still you want me to repay RM5. I was really annoyed. I didn't beg for your RM5, I want my RM1947.25 to pay my rent, to eat, to pay my debts!


Currently I'm working in a small company, located very far from my hometown. The company has seven workers, including me. My boss told me that he was really surprised when he go through Agni's website, wondering why i left a big company like that! I really wanted to laugh my head off, but just kept it to myself, telling him that I wanted to concentrate on a smaller scope, because in Agni, I don't really know what the hell I was doing!

Let me tell you a little bit of my company. It's located at a double storey shoplot, the ground level is the store where wee keep our instruments, valves, and machines, while upper floor is used as management office. My boss is a very simple man in his 60s, smoking rokok daun, drink, eat, and puff with us, the workers. The day I started working, they made a small feast at Pizza Hut, celebrating for a new project kick off also welcoming me as their new family member. The boss himself teach me how to install the instruments, the commissioning steps, etc. It's really helpful to have somebody experienced enough by our side, as it helps me a lot in understanding steam engineering. Unlike your son who knows the theory of energy by book, and not by doing it himself. Not enough with that, Sri also hired inexperienced peoples to be his puppets. Nobody in Agni has ever work in renewable energy field before. That's a fact.

I really miss the time we queue up outside your room. It's the time we feel really fucked up, waiting for you to search for our cheque, one by one. Eh Madam, have you ever think that your method was so fucking stupid? Why can't you just ask Finance Department to calculate our salary? Why must you yourself want to hand out our salary, when there are peoples who are reliable to handle the money? You think they cannot be trusted huh? The one who cannot be trusted is you and your son, running away with investors' money.

There's a lot I want to say to you, but I only have RM120 to last until the end of the month and this money should be used on food and gas only, not writing about you, scumbag. OK lah madam, I've to go back, cook some Maggi, my regular dinner. I'll write about you again, as people like you is very hard to find.


Amitabh Bachchan


Super Mega Termination Event - 12th June 2009


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