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  • She is the former Director of Administration for Agni Energie.
  • Also known as MADAM or Mrs APV Lingham. She is the mother of Mohana Lingham & wife of Ir. Andy Lingham.
  • Always delayed in giving our pay cheques.
  • Acting like a nice spiritual woman. But actually, she is a stingy and inhuman grumpy orthodox old grandma.
  • Always miscalculated our salaries.
  • Making lot of emotional decisions that burden the company's operation, finance and staff welfare.
  • The list goes on......

Quoted from H@cker's The Answers

Malar Lingham aka Madam, Board of Director (it's rumored that she's 85 this year)An ego old lady who likes peoples begging her for their money. She is very careful with company finance, that's why every month we had to queue outside her room to collect our cheques. CHEQUES??! WTF??? Her reason using cheques as method of payment is that the company can save up to (RM2 x 200) - (RM0.50 x 200) equaling RM300/month, compared to much more easier way, that is by banking-in the salaries into our accounts. Eh Madam, I have told u already, ur stupid way of saving company's money is not gonna work because ur son keep doing the stupid decisions.


stranger August 14, 2009 at 6:27 PM  

ha..ha..ths is not our BELOVED madam bro..dont know who is this pitty old lady...kesian dialah...ha..ha..btw my dear madam...whr r u?let me know when is ur FUNERAL...i'll sure b thr to pay u a visit...who knows mwe might hv to queue there aso..as usual..ha..ha..waiting for the day...

h@cker August 14, 2009 at 10:46 PM  

Sorry Madam Agni, I couldn't reply ur SMS because my phone line was cut for not paying the bill. My other no. has not been topped up for few weeks now. Her name is Malar Lingham.

anti agni August 14, 2009 at 11:24 PM  

i'll b using 'Anti agni' nickname back... so no more 'madam agni'. i guest it had cause confusion for readers. tq bro!

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